Our Core Values

We Foster Entrepreneurship

We have been part of the corporate world. We know that in the corporate world, every employee is just a number. We strongly believe that the economic future relies on entrepreneurs.

We Pursue Excellence

We test every tips&tricks we provide to our members. We believe that testing everything we provide to our members is more valuable than just reinterpretations of some researches.

We Practice Honesty

Every time, we will tell you what we think. Whether if you like it or not, some solutions are hard, some are easy, but we want the working things.

We Create Fun

We believe that everything can be learned if there is a little fun in there. That’s why we animated ideas, not just recording ourself while telling the stories.

About Our Process

Weekly Check-In

Every week we will publish a new animation about productivity tips&tricks or entrepreneurship.

Ongoing Discovery

  • 01

    We tests every tips and tricks, tools in order to provide you the best experience to go from theory to action .

  • 02

    We will provide you Worksheets, infographics, Cheat Sheets / To-Do’s / Checklists if necessary

  • 03

    At least 30% of our income will be donated to cure people with cancer.

  • 04

    Our goal is to increase the number of entrepreneurs. With our tricks and tips we will help people to significantly increase their productivity and become entrepreneurs.

Our short story

We are a bunch of entrepreneurs, managers and product/project managers which want to do something to help people in two ways. One of us, have had a big healthy issue. He had diagnosed with cancer and the doctors say that he will live only 3 months. Now, after more than a year, he is very well and there is no active illness in his body. He decided to start Hahaha2Impossible for this 2 reasons:
1. Help people to be more productive in order to save time
2. Help people to be cured, by helping them with money for treatment