How to turn your smartphone into a productivity tool

How to turn your smartphone into a productivity tool

How to turn your smartphone into a productivity tool from Roland on Vimeo.

Use your smartphone productively

Nowadays, it’s so easy to waste time texting, playing games, listening to music or watching videos on your smartphone.  But just think – NASA used a computer far less powerful than that smartphone in your pocket, to send a rocket to the Moon in 1969!  So, maybe you want to use your phone more productively.  Rather than wasting our time, our smartphone allows us to become more productive than ever.  It just depends on how we use it.

The big PRO is that your smartphone is always with you.  Statistics show you realize that your phone is not in your pocket more quickly than when your money goes missing.  The big disadvantage is that you can’t use your smartphone for more complex tasks requiring a laptop or desktop computer.

So, let’s see how can we use a smartphone to make our life easier and be more productive.

In the morning before I leave home with my Macbook Pro in my bag, I use it to schedule my day in the Calendar app, put my tasks in order in the Todoist app, update my notes in the Evernote app and, thanks to technology, everything is synced with my iPhone.

Before I leave my home, a reminder tells me that I have to buy my vitamins, so I take a photo of my vitamins prescription because it’s hard to write down the complicated vitamin names and it’s more productive to just take a photo of it.  I set a reminder with the “remind me at a location” feature so that when I’m in the area of my favorite pharmacy, I am reminded to buy the vitamins.  I request a ride with the Uber app.  In the car, I read the news.  If a new idea crosses my mind, Evernote is on my home screen, so I can write down the idea and read it later on my laptop.  I am reading an interesting article when I arrive at my destination, so I save it with my Pocket app to finish it later.  At the business meeting, we set the date for the next meeting, so I use my calendar app to schedule it.  On the way to my office, my phone reminds me that I’m near my favorite pharmacy, and to buy my vitamins. I have the prescription in the photos app, so it’s easy to get the right ones. Before I reach the office, I answer some emails, set a new task in my Todoist app, and make the phone calls I need to.

At the office, I have found that the most productive way to use a smartphone is with the “night mode” ON because I want to be reachable only by my family, close friends, and associates. Now, I can work on the new idea I noted in Evernote, and on the new task from my Todoist app.

So, to make a long story short:
Managing A To Do List:
There are a lot of apps available on smartphone and PC which sync. Personally, I manage my To Do List with the ToDoist app, and I’ll tell you how I do that in one of the next animations.  When I’m traveling and I remember something, or I’ve just read an email, or something else comes up, I can note it on my iPhone.  Also, when I’ve completed a task that does not require a computer, I can mark that task as completed on my phone. Wherever I note my tasks, I have them available on any of my devices.

Evernote is on my home screen. I write down everything,  and it syncs with my MacBook Pro. I have notebooks for every aspect of my life. Before starting to use Evernote, I lost a lot of important ideas.  We are always thinking of something, and it has never been so easy to write down an idea.

One of the most used app on my phone is the camera. Instead of taking notes, I take pictures of everything when I’m in a rush.  It’s so much easier to take photos. I scan documents.  I take a screen-shot of my hotel address when I travel. The camera is the fastest way to copy and paste something on your phone.

When I’m traveling, I read the news on my smartphone, and sometimes I read books or listen to audiobooks. Reading on a small display may be hard, but instead of catapulting some birds into the sky, it’s more productive to surf the news. And when I see something important but have no time to read it all, I can save it in the Pocket app to read it later.

Because your phone is always in your pocket, your reminders will be always with you. If you are like me, and you forget things that seem unimportant, but, when you forget them, they do become important, set reminders. One of the most used features is the “remind me at a location”. Typically, I use the native app from my iPhone or Todoist.

Turn off notifications:
Sometimes the phone can be a great source of distraction. Studies show that it can take 23 minutes to resume to your original task after being distracted by a notification.  That’s why I often turn them off. Very often I set my phone on night mode because I want to be reachable only by important people, like my family. Another recommendation is to set the mail app to sync only a few times a day.

If you have any suggestions,  leave a comment below.

I’ve always got your back and will do my best to help out.  I hope I leave you better than I found you!

Voiceover by Rob Groves –  voiceover artist, narrator, and audio producer with copywriting skills! We love to work with him!

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