Today we will learn about multitasking!

In many companies, multitasking is promoted as the smoking was promoted in the past as being healthy and helps to lose weight.
When you write an email and discuss with a colleague about an issue, you are not able to perform great in both of your tasks. Many times this kind of multitasking end up by re-read what you have write and annoying your colleague. It’s a lake of respect to not take full attention to someone who talk to you.
Studies shows that multitasking can reduce productivity by as much as 40%.

By multitasking you lost time!

Actually, when you multitasking, you switch from a task to other. Let’ say, you are writing an email and you talk to a colleague. It takes only a second to switch from a task to an other, but it result a lose of focus. Maybe you’ll not even realise that you lost the focus, but for a few seconds you need to refocus on what are you doing.
The ability to multitasking is great when is not involved productivity or safety. Imagine that you play football: you need to be focused on the ball, on the opponent and on the game rules. A game can require a good ability of multitasking, but will not heart your productivity or your safety very bad.
But driving while texting, it’s not safe and you can’t focus on your phone or on what you have to write very well.

There is many situations in which we can’t realise that we multitask.

We think that we can handle more than one task or… worse, we are so used to multitask that we can’t realise it.
The best way we can check if… or better, how we multitask is to create a habit of time tracking. To create this habit, take time, but it worth to invest willpower. When you will create din habit at the beginning will be very hard. Sometimes you will think that you don’t need to track some activities that take less than 5 minutes. Is tempting to believe that 5 minutes it’s nothing, but actually, those tasks make you multitasking and lose focus.

After a week, or just a few days you can review the logs of time tracking and you will realise when the multitasking moments occur. There are tools for time tracking, available on smartphones and browsers apps. Rescue Time is the app that some of our team members are using. It’s easy to use, it has a free version and a paid version. In the stores there are more apps, you can just google for them and I’m sure you can find apps that will fit for your needs.

If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below.
I’ve always got your back and will do my best to help out. I hope I leave you better off than I found you!

Voiceover by Rob Groves – voiceover artist, narrator, and audio producer with copywriting skills! We love to work with him!

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