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How to set and accomplish a goal

Today we will learn how to set and accomplish a goal.

If you are on this website, I’m sure that you have tried to set goals and most of them weren’t finished at the deadline. I have read a lot about how to set goals, mostly about big goals, yearly goals, and I found a lot of statistics related to a very low success of the goals which are set at the beginning of the year. The success rate is between 8 and 12 percent. Just after a few months, people realize that they have forgotten the goals. A few years ago, I realize that in the first three months I did nothing at all for my goals. And I asked myself: why I have forgotten about those goals? There are plenty of reasons, but the most common reason is that: the first month are the hardest months when you begin something. Even if you set SMART goals, the chances are that you will fail in the first three months. So, why we don’t stay committed to our goals?

From my experience, I used to set yearly goals, the biggest goals at the end of the previews year. In January, the most of us, after Christmas and the New Year Party, we tend to take everything easier, we think that we have time to accomplish the goals. In January, we often postpone some tasks, and we think we have plenty of time. In February, we almost forget that we set some goals for this year, so the chances are that in March, not even to remember that we set those goals ever 🙂

Let’s do an experiment

I have a personal way to set yearly goals, but first, let’s do an experiment:
If I ask you, when did you learn to ride a bicycle? Or when did you finish the HighSchool? When did you get the driving license? What’s came first in your mind: the age? Or the year?
To me, the age came first, so I decided that the year of my life is more is more important than the calendarists year. So, because I was born in March, my plan for the biggest goals, stats in March 🙂
Now, to set and accomplish those targets, we need to get through 5 steps! I don’t know why, but there is some magic around the number 3 and 5, so I choose five steps.


You need to know what is your goal. What is important to you to get what or where you want to be at the end of the year (or at the age of…whatever your age is). For example, you want to build an app for your business. You need to know if you know to make it alone or if you need some partners or do you have enough money for marketing.


You need to find out WHY you want to accomplish this goal.
In my past corporate life, I figured out that there is two main “WHY”s to achieve a target. One of these is because, if you don’t accomplish the goal set by your boss, the chances are that you’ll be fired. So the fear is one of the “WHY”s. The second “WHY” was a bonus, which was important to have a great holiday in the summer. Both, the fear and the reward, works very well to set your “WHY.”
So, what would happen if you don’t build the app? Will you lose clients? Maybe your business will be considered oldish?
Or, what will happen if you will build the app? Will you gain some new customers? Will be increased your customer’s satisfaction? The reward can be a feeling, that you accomplish something, that you have done something useful for your clients. If you are working in a corporate, I don’t encourage this feeling, because you don’t have done something to you! You are working to accomplish others dreams! Try to set a goal that will make you become a freelancer or entrepreneur.


We all have 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 31days a month. When we want to accomplish a new goal, we have to know to what to quit, to introduce the new goal. The same important thing is to know what we are not able to quit.
So, are you sleeping 10hours a day? Could you rise earlier for a few hours? Are you watching TV too much? Can you quit some TV shows to accomplish your goal? Do you spend too much time with your family? Please don’t answer with “yes,” only if you are between jobs. So make a list with two columns, with what you can and what you can’t quit. You have to know that.

The fourth step is a strategic step:

At this step, you have to decide if it worth to quit in step 3, for what is your “WHY” from the step 2, to accomplish the goal set in the first step.
This move is hard! But this is critical! You need, to be honest with yourself! Don’t be excited by the idea for the first step. Think about it if you will be able to quit to what you need to stop at step 3.
Step 5: Take action! If you decided that you CAN and NEED to accomplish this goal, take action!
Do you realize what is the first think in your mind when you achieve a goal? It’s not about the money you made; it’s something more profound, it’s a feeling that you can do more!

If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below.
I’ve always got your back and will do my best to help out, and I hope I leave you better than I found you!

Voiceover by Rob Groves – voiceover artist, narrator, and audio producer with copywriting skills! We love to work with him!

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