The Formula For Success

Let’s talk about the formula for success in two steps.

When we are young, our parents send us to school in order to learn, because if we learn, we can get a good job, and by getting a good job, we’ll earn enough money to feel that we are successful.

The problem is, although many of us finished school with a great education, many of us are not successful – yet.
I have good news and bad news.
The good news is: there are more formulas for success than you think.
The bad news is: you have to define what success means for you.
For some people, having family around them means success.  For others, it’s having a Ferrari in the garage. And there are many people on this planet for whom having a meal each day means success.

So, what are the two steps to success?

Step one: You must decide what success means for you. 

As you saw before, success can relate to different aspects of your life.  Family, money, or maybe even climbing a mountain.  Most people are proud of their success when they climb a mountain.

The important question is: whom can we learn more from? Successful people, or people who fail multiple times?

Let’s say that for you, success means family.  Can we always learn from successful people, with great families with 3 or 4 kids? Perhaps they just happened to be lucky enough to meet their wife or husband in High School.

Alternatively, we can learn from those who have failed.  This is always an option, no matter what success means for you.  Maybe it’s more useful to ask your old uncle what has he done in life that means he has no Ferrari in his garage. Maybe it’s better to ask a 45 year old why they are still single? What has he or she done to end up alone at that age? What are his or her mistakes?

Step two: define a benchmark for your success and learn from it. 

It can be “I want to be like my rich uncle!” or , it can be “I don’t want to be like my single uncle!”

The one and only essential ingredient for success is “work.”  If you want a family, you must search for a great partner who will understand you, and whom you understand in return. (And from my experience, who has the same amount of ambition as you).

If your measure of success is a Ferrari in your garage, you need to work hard and you need to work smart. I hear about only a very few people who get rich overnight by inventing an app or a gadget. If you think about how many people are trying to be like them, and failing miserably, you can see it’s not that easy.

So, whatever success means for you: please understand that you are going to have to work for it.

If you have any suggestions, leave a comment below. I’ve always got your back and will do my best to help out.  I hope I leave you better off than I found you!

Voiceover by Rob Groves – voiceover artist, narrator, and audio producer with copywriting skills! We love to work with him!

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