The Stories

Here are the stories that will help you to turn your dreams into reality:

Multitasking is one of the things that make you feel productive, but actually, you are not! Let’s find out when is and when is not OK to multitask!

Busy vs Productive is one short tips and tricks post that will show you that is important to have goals and to work with your goals in mind!

Read more to benefit from the experience of others. Learn why what and how to read more! The cost of one book is the value of at least one idea!

The perfect ToDo list is that one, which will help you to accomplish your goals. That is not easy, but nothing is impossible!

Discipline and Environment are the things that are helping you (or not) to Focus!

Managing To-Do List, Notes, Take Pictures, Reading, Reminders are things that will make your life easier!

Time is a resource that cannot be regenerated. If you invest money in something and you lose it, over time you can make it back. But if you spend time wrongly, that time is lost forever.

How to set and accomplish a goal is critical when you want to achieve your dreams. Learn in 5 steps how to set an accomplishable goal!

… so you can create a system like, “If it is lunch time, Then I will only eat meat and vegetables” (which is much more concrete than “I will eat healthily!”).

The Pareto Rule helps you to focus on what matter the most to create results! Follow the steps to create more income!

It’s easy to apply the formula for success! There are two steps and one ingredient to create your way for success.